The Skein Chronicles: Part 2- One Skein Beyond


There comes a time in every knitter’s and crocheter’s life when they have to be honest with themselves and the world. We have to admit that nothing gets done because all we want to do is knit. Heck, sometimes all we want to do is sit there and look at skein after skein and just think about knitting. And when we are not thinking about knitting or crocheting, we are looking at patterns and trying to learn new little stitches on YouTube. We flit between 10 projects because they are all so nice, we cannot decide on one. We look to finishing off that blanket that only needed the edging to be done but then pick up a Hogwarts Hat project because it’s so cool!

“We don’t have a problem. We have a passion. And we do not care who knows it,” said pretty much every knitter and crocheter in one way or another (and in several different languages).



Today, after having listened to all my friends talking about the Nottingham Yarn Expo 2017 and about all the fantastic skeins they bought, I decided to meditate on my knitting hobby. I decided it was time to assess the projects I have on the go and try to talk myself out of being ridiculously envious of my friends for being able to go to the yarn expo. I could not go. There was nothing that I could have done about that. I did not plan it well.

That will never happen to me again. Today’s blog is short because I have gone a skein too far. The number of single skeins I have means I really need to find some clever single skein patterns. As always, I turn to Ravelry for guidance, but I had some great ideas from my ladies at the Knitting Kninjas circle.

  • Crochet a Mood Blanket
  • Hats
  • Shrugs
  • amigurumi
  • socks
  • washcloths
  • shawls
  • cushion covers
  • bags

Post some of your favourite one-skein pattern ideas!


One thought on “The Skein Chronicles: Part 2- One Skein Beyond

  1. I really enjoy one-skein projects, mostly because they’re quick and achievable in my timescales. I make a lot of hats and gloves, which can be as simple or creative as you like and are perfect as warming treats or gifts. One skein will generally get you a hat and some wrist warmers, although you could add in another colour eg block colour to highlight/complement any tonal/variegated colour to make it go so much further.

    My current project (aka addiction) is brioche, which makes great use of colour and yarn. I have just completed Hands Occupied’s Funkasonic Cowl, although as it is still in Test phase I do not have a link to share yet – I’ll share when it’s published. This is a 2-colour brioche cowl which is very quick and easy to make, looks stunning, is sumptuously thick and so warm I could melt my face off. And it used just one third of a skein of each colour. So for just 2 single skeins you could have several cowls, all of which could look very different dependent on colour placement. How could that be possible? That’s the magic of brioche!

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