Knit Happens. YO it.


I find myself floating in and out of the day to day grind. Perhaps I have a touch of Spring Fever. Whatever it is, it has me smack dab in a tangle of existentialism. My head is neither here nor there and I fear that I find myself pondering far too much on what it all means. In an effort to cut through the fog, I find myself digging into my magic bag of hold all— The knitting bag. There is something gratifying about holding on to something tangible and creating something wonderful out of a ball of colour. This “existential knitting” is not something I alone have coined. All I had to do was type Existential Knitting into Google and all sorts of hits came at me. My favourite led to a lovely little pattern called The Ribellion Cable! That set me on to a wonderful odyssey of the mind. I realised I work myself out of the funk when I am engaged in a project (or two or three…) If I am not knitting or crocheting, then I am thinking about it.

The thinking about knitting got me motivated to start planning my knitting more. I suppose this is all in a goal to become more centred and balanced. I began to include it into my working day ages ago when I started a monthly knitting circle at work for those who could not make it to the Yankee Yarns session on Monday nights. I made sure I inserted it into my Google Calendar and sent the Knitting Kninjas a monthly invitation. My non-knitting colleagues got a kick out of this and all I could retort was “Get over it! Knit happens!”


Knitting is a big deal to us die-hards and dabblers. In this age of electronically charged immediate gratification, the fact that we can slow down and take our time with something is more than just a hobby. It’s a way to peace of mind. So I have taken it a step further and have started to keep a bullet journal to keep track of all manner of things   — Life, work, passions–  and I can see how knitting falls into one of my main priorities.


There are all kinds of apps out there and when we are at the shop, we often whip out our phones to show off our knitting photos or knit as we glance at our iPad to follow a pattern we have saved on it. Also, you can keep track of your projects in an online journal on Ravelry. But my interest in my “Bujo” is becoming an obsession. I have decided to go back to basics and start a Knitting Journal based on the Bullet Journal concept. Although online websites, apps and spreadsheets are a boon to organisation and inspiration, there is something to be said about being meditative and quiet with one’s hobby. It is called getting back to basics and knitting “in the moment”.


Now, you can make your own or buy a Knitters Notebook to start you off. This way you can keep track of projects, photos of your work, yarn stash, needles, ideas, samples of yarn, grid paper with charted stitches, conceptions and wishlists. It’s therapeutic. But beware… it can be addictive and in some respect, it has become a whole other hobby!


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  1. I have none of these ‘new-fangled’ apps, I have an ‘old-fashioned’ lined notepad on which I scribble my ideas and patterns, existentially of course 🙂

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