The Socks Vs. The Knitters: A Post-Game Report

Head Coach Jenny Newman

Postgame vs. Yankee Yarns, February 4, 2017

Q: You said you had great leadership, what in particular makes you say that after a session like this?

A: It was the encouragement and the positive vibe at the table. Picking each other up, you know if it’s not stitch by stitch, it’s knitter by knitter.

Q: Coach, you preach a lot about yarn security. What did you say when you see four veterans mishandle the skein when you guys are knitting in the round?

A: We need to handle the skein better. We need to take care of The Toe-Up Sock Project, whether it was dropped stitches, fumbles, tangled fumbles, whatever it is, we need to take care of the skein better, no question. What we do in practice needs to show up in the game. We took care of the skein well last week other than one minor incident, but this week, we need to do a better job, we need to clean that up and short-row heel….


Last week we had our first session of the Yankee Yarns Sock Clinic. There is nothing finer than learning something new even through a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Well maybe not tears but there was definitely some swearing. Six ladies around a table hopped up on extra strong coffee and cookies handling 30 DPNs and a new technique for knitting a sock from the toe up is bound to be a shocker. But under the watchful eye of our resident designer, Jenny and our fearless leader, Sara, we left the two-hour session with our sock underway.

The clinic started with an interesting insight into the history of socks followed by a “Blue-Peteresque” making of a template for the socks (video below).Once we cast on our stitches, the game was afoot!

angela     “Such tiny little needles. It’s like working with toothpicks,” said Angela Burrows as she furiously wielded the 10cm 2.5 DPNs. “But once you get around the fiddly bit, it gets easier!” The sock begins with the toe and this seems to take most seasoned knitters aback. However, the strategy used in this workshop is to get a nearly invisible seam. “The best thing is there is no sewing up,” said Sara, our Fearless Leader. “I’m all for that!”

img-20170207-wa0001.jpeg     The best thing about this kind of small project is that you can carry it around with you and work on it where ever you may roam. I took mine to work and surreptitiously got some rows in waiting for meetings to start and at my lunch break. I took it to the post office and knitted whilst I waited in the queue. I was even tempted to take it out when I was stuck in Nottingham traffic on my commute home… but I decided that might not have been wise. But I will say, I got out of so many chores as my family knew that if I mastered this project, they would be in line to get some one-of-a-kind groovy socks to show off. “It’s all about the love,” said my 11-year-old Cody. “A lot of love goes into it. It must if it has you so focused!” (Bless him.)

Tomorrow is the second session when we will learn how to work the heel and the leg. We will bring in our socks knitted up to just before the heel of the foot in all their striped glory.

The two session clinic costs £30 and includes a skein of Stylecraft Head Over Heels in your choice of colour and refreshments. The next Two Session Sock Clinic will be coming up. Please check the Facebook page for this and all upcoming events!



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