Knits Are Us


Have you been in this situation?

There you are, happily knitting away in public– in the break room, down the pub, on the train at a music festival or (fill in the blank because it could have been anywhere!). You have shut out the world and are in some content contemplation counting stitches when all of a sudden someone gasps and alerts you to attention.

You look up, startled because you think they are about to tell you to get back to work, tell you you had better order another drink to stay in the pub, find out that you missed your stop, be told that your tent is floating away in the deluge or (insert catastophy here because it could have been anything!)They look at you with over the top surprise. You look at them in quiet askance. Then they say,“I didn’t think anyone did THAT anymore!”

Recently, I was at a Starbucks in Nottingham near Trent University. There was a young lady in her very young 20s knitting while her friend was helping her ball up some yarn. Behind me I heard a lady say to her companion “It’s so nice to see young people knitting.”  The companion wistfully answered, “You don’t see much of that anymore.”

addams-knitHowever, there has been a renaissance in knitting. The boom in knitting and crocheting memes is quite prominent in social media. It is even in the background of some pop culture television and film. Hawkeye in the television show knits. Miss Marple knits. There was a scene in Poirot with knitting. Marge knits on The Simpsons! Monica in Friends knitted— Can this pasttime BE anymore resurrected?

My favourite knitting scenes are an episode of Gilmore Girls. In that episode, a whole town came together to knit to raise money for a cause. The glamourous Lorelai Gilmore was very passionate about it and sported just the best t-shirt I have ever seen.

I got into knitting quite by accident. I was gifted a Kindle. As I was learning how to work it, I downloaded a free book called The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. The story was beautiful and the fact that knitting bonded a group of diverse ladies made me want to take up the needles. Each lady had her own background story and none of them were run-of-the-mill women. If you search this book on Amazon, you will see a whole slew of novels out there that feature this obsession.


One day last year, I was knitting in the park with my friend. She was wearing a Sisters Of Mercy concert t-shirt and leather trousers. I was clad in a black sun dress with my battered New Rock boots.  A jogger was running past us and actually broke his run just to gawk and exclaim “Wow! You two don’t look the type!”

What IS the “Type” anyway?

Once on the tram, I was sitting next to a lady who was old enough to be my gran. I almost lost my ball of yarn but it landed in her shopping bag. She laughed and fetched it out for me. I thanked her and she smiled as she watched me knit.

“They tried to show me how to knit when I was a young lass,” she said. “But I didn’t have the time for that. I was too busy having a good time!”




One thought on “Knits Are Us

  1. I’ve this so many times, where people exclaim, “WOW! YOU knit? I thought only old people did that!”
    My two favourite movie knitting/crochet sightings are, 1st one was in “The Emperors New Groove” and they are talking about his poncho, the lama says, “feels like wool…alpaca?” The other guy says “yeah, my wife made it.” Lama, “oh she knits?” the other guy, “No, crochets.”
    Brilliant!!! I love it because you know he heard his wife correcting people that ask, what are you knitting? With, I’m NOT KNITTING! hehe…or at least thats what I’m imagining! 😀
    2nd one was in Son’s of Anarchy, they just found out that Jaxson was going to have another baby and you see Gemma knitting, badass grandmaw knitting with an amazing knitting bag and I’ve been serching for ever since.
    It’s everywhere, there is no escaping it!! YAY!



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