Knit In Public Day!

As if we die-hard knitters and hookers need any encouragement! I usually take my knitting everywhere. Or at least I am carrying around some needles and a ball of yarn. Another Knit In Public Day is coming up, so spread the news!

Let’s kTog! Saturday, 18th June at the Red Gate Inn on  Westfield Lane. The weatherman says it msy rain. So this is a good excuse to come indoors and have a swift half/ wee dram/cup of tea and socialise with the area “Knitterati”. This eventcis open to all of any skill level. So come along! GET INVOLVED! Got a project you’re working on? Bring it! Need a project to be getting on with? Well there is Yankee Yarns right next door! 

Also, there will be a raffle and prizes.  Any money raised will be going to a local homeless charity.
If you have prizes you wish to donate  (yarn, needles, sheep, interesting shiny and/or odd objects that you wish to donate, add them to The Stash!

If you would like more information about the day, the history of it or to set up your own even, check out the official Kbit In Public website here!