To Err Is Human. To Knit Is Divine.

Mistakes in knitting! We’ve all done it. Heck! Sometimes the pattern itself has a mistake on it! And when we are relatively new to the craft/art/addiction, we do not always realise it until we are far too late! But this does not mean that you are rubbish or will never get good like that one auntie that everyone has who can talk, watch tell AND knit an Aran jumper full of cables from memory.

Life’s little accidents often are a wonderful catalyst to invention. If you google “Art Created By Mistake” you will find a plethora of hits you can peruse that will show you numerous inventions and art that came from a blunder. Everyone from Tim Burton to Franz Kafka is in the elite club of art from mistake. The creation of cornflakes (something too adult to mention) to the creation of potato chips (angry chef) are examples of things taking an entirely new turn.

vamipre knitsThe whole reason I am bringing this up is because I knitted up a beautiful pattern found in Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller. It’s called The Shapeshifter Shrug which is an extraordinary Mobius shawl. After much intense concentration and pains in frogging, I finally cracked it. It was going beautifully until I needed to graft it together. The project is worked in two lengths and joined in the center back. This is great because you can adjust the length depending on how you want it to fit.vampire knits sh

However, if I knit this pattern again I will knit it up all as one piece. I hate grafting together. The piece was to wild and I just struggled managing it whilst doing the Kitchener Stitch. I think it took longer to attempt this than actually gwp-1463563099597.jpegetting into the groove of the pattern itself! Because I made a fair few mistakes, I decided to experiment and it went a bit wrong. It ended up making it much longer than I had initially intended.But I find this makes it even more of a versatile shawl/scarf/shrug.

I’ve had compliments on it. I was told it was a very “Steam-punk” design. It will look great with my brocade gold and brown corset! So there you go… art out of error.


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